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Mud Fever Boot


Another Innovation from Woof Wear!

Woof Wear’s Mud Fever Boot is a Breathable & Waterproof turnout boot which keeps your horse’s legs clean and prevents and aids recovery from Mud Fever.

The Boot seals the leg between the knee and below the heels. The loose fitting breathable and waterproof fabric then creates a micro-climate to prevent the warm and damp conditions in which bacteria thrive.

£49.99 excl VAT

Smart Fetlock Boot


Woof Wear’s Smart Fetlock Boot combines D30 technology with a striking, open-fronted design to give all-round protection.

£37.49 excl VAT

Tail Guard


Woof Wear’s Tail Guard is ergonomically designed to protect the Dock as well as keeping the Tail looking amazing.

Manufactured from thick neoprene laminated with plush fabric to allow perfect adjustment so it stays securely in place.

£16.66 excl VAT

UV Fly Mask without Ears


Woof Wear’s UV Fly mask is a great example of how the latest fabric technology can revolutionise a familiar product.

The Woof Wear designers specified soft and stretchy 3D Spacer Fabric to eliminate rubbing and added fine UV mesh for crystal clear vision to create one of the most comfortable and effective Fly Masks your Horse will wear.

Blocks up to 60% of Harmful UVA and UVB Rays.

£19.99 excl VAT

Vision Dressage Pad


Elegance and Performance

The Vision Collection from Woof Wear combines luxurious satin fabrics embroidered with designs inspired by Southern European Artisans.

Whilst the inspiration is timeless, the technology is 21st Century using breathable meshes and wicking fabrics to ensure Horse comfort.

Woof Wear’s Vision Dressage Pad has a High Wither Design and has been shaped to fit both the contours of the horse and modern saddles.

£41.66 excl VAT

Vision Fly Veil


Woof Wear’s Vision Fly Veil features a game-changing design which gives improved comfort for the horse and peace of mind for the rider.

Made from a soft, technical mesh fabric Woof Wear’s Vision Fly Veil keeps your horses head cool whilst avoiding pressure points due to the sleekness of the mesh. The generous cut behind the ears enables the secure fit under bridles including anatomically cut ‘curved’ bridles.

Designed to match with the Vision Collection

£18.32 excl VAT

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