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Poll Guard


Woof Wear’s Poll Guard provides high levels of impact protection for the delicate poll area.

It attaches easily to the head collar and is suitable for use in the stable or when travelling.

£19.16 excl VAT

Tail Guard


Woof Wear’s Tail Guard is ergonomically designed to protect the Dock as well as keeping the Tail looking amazing.

Manufactured from thick neoprene laminated with plush fabric to allow perfect adjustment so it stays securely in place.

£16.66 excl VAT

Tail Bag


Woof Wear’s Tail Bag is designed for use with Woof Wear’s Tail Guard to keep the Tail clean.

It features a closable end which makes it very easy to put on.

£7.49 excl VAT

Hock Boot


Supports and protects the Hock to enhance convalescence.

£26.66 excl VAT

Smart Knee Boot


Protect your horse’s knees when riding on hard surfaces with Woof Wear’s Knee Boot.
Using thermoformed EVA, the top strap is designed to be anti-slip and the hard PU Shell packed with Poron Xrd ® provides impact protection.

£33.32 excl VAT