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Travel Boots


Woof Wear’s Travel Boots wrap around the legs to provide high level impact protection for the knee, coronet, and hock.

£45.00 incl VAT

Wicking Boot Liner


Woof Wear’s Wicking Boot liners are designed to wick moisture away from legs to keep your horse warm and dry.

Designed to be used in Woof Wear’s Stable Boots or Bioceramic boots.

£19.99 incl VAT

Dressage Number Holder


Woof Wear’s Dressage Number Holder is a great way of displaying numbers when competing.

The numbers are printed on tough waterproof fabric which is cleverly folded so changing numbers is effortless.

£9.99 incl VAT

Polar Ice Boot


Woof Wear’s Polar Ice Boots are a practical solution to cool legs after intensive exercise or to aid recovery from a variety of leg injuries.

    The removable gel packs can be applied straight from the freezer and moulded around the tendons as they remain flexible when frozen.

£59.99 incl VAT

Smart Event Boot Hind


Woof Wear’s Smart Hind Event boot has been designed for high energy disciplines such as cross country and provides exceptional protection.

Breathable and with added D30 impact foam to give ‘Protection on Demand’, these boots will protect your horse over the most rigorous courses.

£35.00 incl VAT £69.99 incl VAT

Pro Dressage Saddle Pad


Woof Wear’s High Wither Pro Dressage Saddle Cloth is perfect for competition riders.

It comes with no-pressure-point binding and ‘stealth’ D-Ring straps.

£31.99 incl VAT

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